Environmental Screen

Environmental Screen

Environmental Screen: Suppose you want to purchase a commercial property that you are relatively sure is clean but you want peace of mind that you aren't purchasing a hidden environmental nightmare.

An Environmental Screen is a high level review of the Federal, State, County and Municipal databases. It can tell you if there were generators or users of concerning chemicals, spills or underground storage tanks. It won't answer every question or provide the limitation to environmental liability, but for some applications it's a great way to put your mind at peace for substantially less money than a Phase I ESA.

Also known as a "Desktop Environmental Review" or a "Environmental Radius Search" our Environmental Screens are typically done in 3 hours. Our clients use them as part of the loan application process so they don't do a lot of paperwork before they find out the property has environmental concerns.

A3 Environmental Consultants has two price points for Environmental Screens. The basic, and automated version comes straight into your email for $59. If you'd like to speak to a scientist regarding the results, we call that "professional interpretation" and it costs an additional $40. These reports are on demand, so contact us anytime.

Environmental Screen Radius Map
Environmental Screen Radius Map
Environmental Screen Database
Environmental Screen Database

Desktop Environmental Report

A good candidate for an Environmental Desktop Risk Assessment would be vacant land zoned residential in historically residential areas. Newer developments built on former farm fields and property where the lending institution has a good idea of the history of the property.

  • We see Environmental Screens used by banks lending on newer hotels built on former farmers fields where new highway exits have been put in place.
  • Buyers of vacant residential property in cities where vacant buildings have been demolished and the land sold in tax sales our auctioned.
  • We also see them used in smaller towns were the bank has a long institutional memory and is lending on commercial property that they are mostly comfortable with.
  • Frequently prospective buyers will purchase an environmental screen to see what kinds of surprises they might be in for before they sign a contract to purchase.
  • Conversely, sellers buy desktop environmental reviews to include with their marketing material so buyers have a level of comfortability before going through with a transaction.

The risk a lending institution is comfortable with taking is entirely dependent on their business rules. A3 Environmental Consultants tries to provide the types of assurances banks need at pricepoints they find comfortable.

Environmental Screens won't satisfy the Small Business Administration's requirements for RSRAs and they are not as comprehensive as a Phase I ESA.

If you'd like to talk through your options before you make a decision, call us at (888) 405-1742. We're happy to help.

Environmental Screen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What’s the turnaround time for a Desktop Environmental Report?

A3 Environmental Consulting will have your results to you in 3 hours.

What do they cost?

We have two price-points. If all you want is the report it is $59. If you would also like to talk to a scientist about your results it's $99. Both can be purchased by clicking on the "GO" button on our order form.

What is included in the report?

You receive a radius map of 1/4 mile around your site address. You also receive a database listing of every environmental concern inside that radius and it's proximity (in feet) to your site. The database includes Federal, State, County and Municipal sources.


Does an Environmental Screen include any limitation of the landowner's liability like a Phase 1 ESA?

No. Only a Phase I ESA will limit the buyer's liability.

Are they accepted by the Small Business Administration (SBA)?

No. For that you'd need a RSRA or a Phase I ESA.

Why would I purchase an Environmental Screen instead of some other product?

An environmental radius report is the fastest, least expensive way to elucidate the environmental concerns of a particular property

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