Honeybee Update

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Honeybee Update

Spring has sprung!

As part of A3 Environmental’s ongoing commitment to the environment, we sponsor 32 honeybee hives around DuPage County, IL .  Beekeeping is farming and farming is, well, hard work….For both honeybees and the farmer.  This year out of our 32 hives, only 13 survived the winter.   It’s sad when a hive dies, similar to when your pet dies, only this was about 30,000 of the little critters.   In a way, it’s even more sad because you don’t just lose one animal, you lose the entire colony.  The stress from mites and pesticides make the colonies too weak to survive the low temperatures of the dog days of winter.  Once a colony has slipped too far, the whole colony collapses and dies.

However, the recent warm weather in Chicagoland area has the surviving honeybees very active and out collecting pollen already! (It’s the yellow stuff in the their ‘pockets’).

Bee with pollen my corner

We sponsor honeybee hives primarily because they are so important to our ecosystem.   These little pollinators help fertilize our crops!  That’s why colony collapse disorder is so concerning.  It is worryingly necessary to the everything that feeds people and nature.

We realize we are doing a small part to help the environment, but until they have a cure for colony collapse disorder, we’ll work hard to see that our honeybees have the best possible habitat they can, and that they, in turn, keep human habitat as best as it can be.

Bee Fact:   Bee’s don’t poop in the hive, well at least they try very hard not to.  As soon as the weather is suitable for them to leave the hive, the bees take flight, do their business, and then return to the hive.   They can also do their business in the hive, but they are smart enough to do it well away from the honeycombs.  

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