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Tank Removal

Project Location: Elgin, Illinois

Project Scope:

The Office of the State Fire Marshall ordered the removal of a 10,00-gallon methanol tank at a facility in Elgin. The client contacted A3 Environmental based on our reputation of being nimble and cost effective. We were able to provide a six-week turnaround from first notification, through permitting to tank removal. A3 Environmental Consultants coordinated with the Office of the State Fire Marshal, the tank contractor, and laboratory for the removal of the tank. Above and beyond the scope of the tank pull we were able to fulfill other project management duties by removing the fence, returning the surface to grade and matching the look of the existing area.


Project Location: Nationwide

Project Scope: Performed Phase I ESAs across the Midwest and nationwide. Property types have included residential, light and heavy industrial/manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, and agricultural properties. Assessment activities include a site reconnaissance, historical data collection and analysis, regulatory database review, and report preparation. All reporting has been prepared in accordance with ASTM 1527 and 1528 standards as well as client-specific specifications.

Project Location: Nationwide

Project Scope: Performed Phase II ESAs throughout the country on vacant/idle land, light and heavy industrial/manufacturing, commercial, institutional and governmental facilities and agricultural properties. Soil, groundwater and vapor has been assessed using direct push and rotary drill procedures for sampling in conformance with applicable ASTM standards. Activities include utility clearance, preparation of health and safety plans, soil boring advancement, monitoring well installations, chemical screening of soil samples, soil, soil gas, and groundwater sample collection and logging, sub-slab vapor sampling, surveying, and report preparation and submittal.


Project Location:
USAF Academy, CO
Buckley AFB, CO
FE Warren AFB, WY
Malmstrom AFB, MT
Peterson AFB, MT

Project Scope: Developed and completed site characterization work plans, remedial investigation work plans, corrective action plans, and long term monitoring work plans for the Department of Defense nuclear missile alert facilities and Air Force Bases across the western U.S. Remediation techniques included soil excavation and land farming, in situ chemical oxidation, groundwater monitoring and groundwater extraction and treatment. Maintained rigid military schedules, reporting milestones, and ERPIMS submissions. Provided prompt communication and technical discussions with state regulatory and Air Force personnel and coordinated all field activities including subcontractors. Prepared and lead monthly contractor progress and status meetings, and managed the QA/QC for report submittals to Air Force Civil Engineer Center.

Project Location: Wilmette, IL

Project Scope: A Phase I ESA, identifying several RECs including a UST. A Phase II ESA was conducted confirming impact from the UST. Removal of the UST uncovered four additional USTs. USTs were removed under the direction of the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshall. Petroleum impacted soil and perched groundwater were removed and the area backfilled. Completed reporting of remedial activities in accordance with Illinois EPA regulations and obtained a No Further Remediation Letter.

Project Location: Lake Villa, IL

Project Scope: Developed corrective action plan in accordance with Illinois EPA leaking underground storage tank regulations to excavate over 3,000 tons of petroleum impacted soil from a former gas station.

Coordinated with Illinois Department of Transportation and Village of Lake Villa to address impacted soils within right-of-ways. Completed reporting and reimbursement of remedial activities in accordance with Illinois EPA regulations.

Fenzel Motor Sale, LUST

Project Location: Hampshire, IL

Project Scope: Delineated extent of petroleum impacted soil and free product in groundwater from a leaking underground storage tank. Designed and installed groundwater monitoring wells and free-product recovery wells for a 24/7 free product recovery system. Maintained free product recovery system, collecting gallons of free product. Completed reporting of remedial activities and reimbursement paperwork in accordance with Illinois EPA regulations.

Project Location: O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL

Project Scope: Workers encountered a strong sulfur odor during construction activities for a new runway at O’Hare International Airport. A combined Phase I/Phase II ESA and soil vapor investigation was performed for the FAA to identify and delineate the sulfur odor. Challenges including conducting site activities under the direct supervision of FAA escorts along an active runway. The source of the sulfur could not be identified and the vapor investigation was inconclusive. It was recommended to the FAA that a vent be installed within the subsurface communication vaults as a precaution.

Project Location: Arlington Heights, IL

Project Scope: Two underground concrete vaults contained transformers used to power Nike missiles. The transformers contained PCB oils. Coordinated with the US Army Reserve Center and USEPA to excavate and transport the PCB impacted concrete and associated conduits as hazardous waste. Inside the main facility, additional transformers leaked PCB onto the concrete floor. Under USEPA guidance, the concrete floor was scarified and all dust/debris was contained and transported offsite as hazardous waste. Coordination was imperative between the USEPA and US Army Reserve to meet all regulation and guidelines for remediating hazardous waste.

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