Records Search With Risk Assessment (RSRA).

The RSRA is a less expensive, preliminary option for environmental review that is typically used by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in the process of lending money through SBA approved banks.

Our turnaround time is three business days. You will receive short report which will list your site as either "low" or "high" risk. In addition, you'll receive all the corroboration database results we based the decision on. High risk properties will need to have a full Phase I ESA performed on them. Low risk properties can continue on the process of getting their SBA loan.

Should you need a Phase I ESA after receiving a high risk classification, A3 Environmental will provide a discount off our regular price because we'll already have some of the information we need.

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Click here to download the SBA flowchart of required environmental due diligence for 7a and 504 loans.

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RSRA Environmental Screen Radius Map

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Records Search with Risk Assessment:

What does a RSRA cost?

$450 without a volume discount. If you are at a bank that orders several of these throughout the year, please call for pricing.

Whats the turnaround time for the report?

Typically 5 days or less.

If I need a Phase I ESA after getting an RSRA is there a discount?

Of course! We'll knock $300 off the cost of your Phase I ESA.


Who's a good candidate for a RSRA?

If your property has never, to your knowledge been used as a dry cleaner or sold petrolium products, you could probably benefit from a RSRA.

Do RSRAs help me limit my liability from previous owners?

No. There is no limitation of environmental liability. If you'd like limited liability protections, you'll need a Phase I ESA.

How do I order a Record Search with Risk Assessment?

Just click on the "Go" button on this page:

SBA Environmental Due Diligence

Product Comparison

This infographic explains how each product required by the Small Business Administration differs from the other. You can download this as a PDF by clicking here.

SBA Environmental Due Diligence

Flow Chart

This infographic explains which borrower will need to do each specific type of environmental due diligence to get a 7a or 504 loan.

You can download this as a PDF by clicking here.

The NAICS codes of environmentally sensitive industries can be seen by clicking here and here.

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