Why A3 Environmental

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Why A3 Environmental

a3e_alisaBillable hours are the bane of a consultant’s life. From the time we are first hired to the last day on the job, the companies I worked for were preoccupied with billable hours. Did you fill out your timesheet? Who’s project are you billing your time to? On one hand, I get it. Businesses are in business to make money. On the other hand, billable hours are an irredeemably corrupting force.

The conscience of every consultant tells them that they should bring the client’s problem to a resolution as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Due to pressures from management it seems something gets lost and instead of getting the project done quickly, the focus becomes how to get more billable hours from the client. More billable hours means more cost and slower resolution times.

I watched this happen many times in my 15 year career and I asked myself, “What would happen if instead of trying to rack up billable hours, I tried to resolve problems as quickly as possible?” My assumption is my business philosophy will earn me strong, trusting relationships with customers that value fast accurate service. This should make for a healthier, more profitable company through repeat clients.

Out of this philosophy A3 Environmental was born. We hope you see the value of our corporate values.

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